Fallen Fruit: Fruitique!

  • When Life Gives You Lemons Wallpaper

    When Life Gives You Lemons Wallpaper

  • Child With Watermelon by Daniel Flores

    Child With Watermelon by Daniel Flores

Fallen Fruit (David Burns and Austin Young) collaborate with artists to create an exhibition of handmade, curated and consigned works of art.  The Fruitique, an art installation that uses hand-picked items from thrift stores and fruit as a theme, transforms the margins of contemporary art and the every day.

Participating artists include: 

Mark Allen ŸŸŸ• Deidre Argyle • Julia Beynon • Ursula Brookbank • Michelle Carr
Zoe Crosher • Miles Conrad • David Earle • Daniel Flores • Corbin Frame • Fallen Fruit
Finishing School • Ashley Gibbons • Gordy Grundy • Bettina Hubby • Julie Lequin
Matt Lipps • Mara Lonner • Libby McInnery • Michelle Muldrow • Ranu Mukherjee
National Bitter Melon Council • Paul Pescador • Jeanne Oliveri • Marjam Oskoui
Michael Padilla • Barry Pett • Susan Robb • Margie Schnibbe • Holly Topping
David Vanderpool • Matt Wardell • Susan Weber • Jacob Wick • Bruce Yonemoto
Jenny Yurshansky • Carrie Yury

Twitter: @fallenfruit
Twitter: @austin_young
Instagram: @fallen_fruit